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What an awesome experience! I am the AUTHOR of “The Urgency of Knowing: Ten Things Every Black Man Should Know. There is enormous and abundant power in knowing! Melynda and Rackhouse made marrying my lived experiences with my message of retooling the way we as men think about ourselves both challenging and revealing. Her process of helping me find my voice then using it my voice as a writer, forced me to discover how to contract my contribution to the world. New writers must be coached by Melynda!

– Author Dr. Marrix D Seymore, Sr.

Melynda was great to work with. I really admire her eye and passion for writing. The initial conversation with her was so Captivating and Insightful! She gave me so many gems and amazing tips for my existing books and upcoming books. I plan to continue to work with her and I recommend all of her services. It is definitely worth the investment!

– Author Dee Evans

The experience of writing can be overwhelming for many but having Rackhouse
publishing spearheading your work guarantees success. Melynda Is an expert and content format, book layout, and cover design. She and the publishing team make sure your finished work reflects the excellence of the author as well as her company. She goes above and beyond to make sure all deadlines are met, and the finished product is offered on every possible platform to ensure the highest visibility. I can’t wait for our next project to start. Rackhouse Publishing makes the entire process easy.
– Grayson Marshall, Author of Maintaining Greatness

Where do I start to …. Melynda Rackley. Phenomenal is a just the beginning of her skills. My writing was scattered and disjointed without flow. With multiple reviews and constant communication, the pages of my journals for almost 20 years started to take the shape of a book. Melynda printed a draft of my book to show me what the outcome could be. This was definitely a great encouragement for me to keep moving forward to get my Manuscript done. Overall, being in partnership with Melynda helped tremendously to get my book published.  Rackhouse Publishing helps beginning writers to transform their stories into Masterpieces!!  Thank you, Melynda
– Shelia Malcom, Author of Free Me From Me


The biggest thank you to Melynda and her team at Rackhouse Publishing. They took the vision I had for my planner and exceeded my expectations. They were diligent, proactive, and attentive, and went above and beyond to ensure I have the masterpiece I have today. They worked with me over the course of about a year, between my busy seasons and all my travels. When I wanted to keep the manufacturing cost down to ensure profitability and that my customers have a responsibly priced product she communicated with a manufacturer to do just that. Thank you so much Rackhouse for doing such a stellar job and helping my dream come to reality. 

– Wadelene Charles, My Wealth Planner

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