At Rackhouse Publishing authors are more than just a book!
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About Us

About Us

We're Rackhouse Publishing. Here to Help!

Rackhouse Publishing Inc. was founded in 2018 by award-winning author Melynda Rackley. She wanted to assist writers of all ages to overcome the fear and self-doubt for their book to become a reality! Melynda understands how easy it is to become discouraged by one wrong opinion encounter or process when bringing a book to life and has implemented a unique way to create a personal connection with each author.

*While we do offer publishing services for a nominal fee, our main goal is to empower  authors to publish their own work through coaching and manuscript guidance! 


We would love to chat with you! Schedule a FREE 15 minute clarity call  below or Call to Ask Any Question (904) 530-4254
At Rackhouse Publishing authors are more than just a book!

Read to learn, Write to remember!

We're Here to Help!

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November 2021
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Publish Your Story

We collaborate with authors and empower them to create, publish and sell their book- no middle man required!

What We Do

Our Service Overview


During the 15-minute clarity call writers speak with the chief writing officer to talk about their project ideas and create a solution to meet their publishing needs.


Work with a writing coach to bring your project to life with a personal accountability partner professional insight and a customized plan to complete your manuscript within three to six months.


This stage consists of transforming an unpolished manuscript into a clean print ready book.


With your manuscript in mind our team of professionals’ work to create a full-color custom cover design for your book.


A professional editor provides you with advice concerning the overall structure of the book in addition to correction of spelling punctuation and grammar errors.


Once all manuscript errors have been corrected and all approved revisions implemented, the manuscript is then formatted with a unique one-of-a- kind touch and readied for printing.


In addition to a print edition you will also have the option to have your book as an e-Pub version available for digital reader devices like the Amazon Kindle the Apple iPad and iPhone and the Barnes & Noble Nook. We will handle the converting and coding your print book into these special editions.


After editing cover design and formatting have all been completed the necessary ISBN’s and machine-readable barcodes are obtained and placed onto your book’s back cover. Your book will be uploaded to our preferred print facility and then professionally printed. Your copies will be boxed up and shipped to you. Any orders placed by stores like Barnes & Noble or by online vendors like Amazon will be immediately shipped.

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